How to make your home handicap accessible

Make your home accessible with these key modifications  Whether you or a loved one has accessibility requirements, it’s important to make sure your home is not only maneuverable, but also safe!  Learn how to make your home handicap accessible with these key modifications.  Install handrails For those who may need assistance with sitting down and […]

How you can take your business to the next level

Learn how our services can help your business thrive Have you ever walked into an establishment and noticed it looked rundown, outdated, or unkempt? It’s likely that you, or someone you know has had this experience, and it’s even more likely that after noticing, you were left with a negative impression of the company.  What […]

The purpose of a backsplash

Learn what a backsplash is and why it’s important First things first: What is a backsplash?  A backsplash is the material that covers the walls in your kitchen or bathroom––usually behind a sink and stove top. Your backsplash typically runs along the length of your countertops and can range from a few inches tall to […]

How to: Transform your home on a budget

Learn about the power of our painting services  Home renovation and remodel projects are a big time, energy, and financial commitment. While a remodel or renovation is a great way to achieve your dream home, in some cases it may not be necessary. If your home looks outdated, worn, or you simply want to change […]

Things to consider before doing a kitchen remodel

From the floorplan to the lighting, and everything in between; the options for a kitchen remodel are endless! While creating your dream kitchen is exciting, there are some important points to think about.   Continue reading as we discuss a few key things to consider before doing a kitchen remodel.  Budget  Your budget is the most […]

What type of tile is best for your home?

There are many different types of tile on the market and deciding what type of tile is a good match for you can be a hard task. The type of tile you choose to install in your home will heavily depend on your lifestyle, needs, and goals. We’ve compiled a list of the five most […]

Things to ask your contractor

Key questions to ask when hiring a contractor Hiring a new contractor is an important, if not, the most important part of a home improvement project. The right contractor will have the knowledge, skills and credentials that will enable them to get the job done correctly. Asking these key questions will help you confidently choose […]

Who is Gomez Contractors?

Who are we? Gomez Contractors is a family owned and operated contracting and remodel company that has been proudly servicing the Central Florida community since 1998. We have been in the architecture, remodel and service industry spanning three generations which demonstrates our extensive knowledge, understanding and experience within the contracting industry. What do we do? […]