Make your home accessible with these key modifications 

Whether you or a loved one has accessibility requirements, it’s important to make sure your home is not only maneuverable, but also safe! 

Learn how to make your home handicap accessible with these key modifications. 

Install handrails

For those who may need assistance with sitting down and standing up, handrails are extremely helpful. Place these in the shower, near the toilet, and near beds, couches, or chairs to help with stability and security when maneuvering these areas.  

Create wider doorways

Your home may have narrow doorways––some of which can be too narrow for a wheelchair to get through. Consider having your doorways widened to enable easy access from room to room.

Install ramps in key areas 

Stairs and steps can pose a tripping and falling risk. Placing a permanent or temporary ramp over your steps or stairs can help lower this risk while helping those with mobility devices to seamlessly navigate these areas. 

Eliminate barriers

Privacy walls and half walls can be hard to navigate around. Consider knocking down these barriers to create a more open floor plan.

Shower steps and bathtubs can also pose a tripping or falling risk––replace these with a curbless, open-concept shower that includes a bench or chair for a completely accessible shower. 

Consider your flooring 

Carpets and rugs can be hard to navigate for those who use a wheelchair, walker, cane, or other mobility aids. Consider replacing the carpeted areas of your home with an easier-to-navigate and slip-resistant flooring solution such as tile, wood, laminate, or vinyl.

Swap your handles

Round sink knobs and door knobs can be challenging to twist and turn for individuals with dexterity issues. Swap the round knobs for levers or a push/pull handle for easier access. 

How Gomez Contractors can help

Through quality workmanship and a highly skilled team, our remodel and renovation services can help you make your home more accessible for you or your loved ones. 

These modifications can create peace of mind while also giving those with accessibility requirements more independence, safety, and stability.

For this client, we were able to help make an elderly family members’ bathroom more wheelchair accessible. Although the client had a general idea of what they needed, they weren’t sure what to do and how to configure the restroom to best meet the needs of the family. 

We widened the doors to the restroom, reconfigured the space, and knocked down the privacy wall, making the restroom much more safe and accessible!  

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