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There are many different types of tile on the market and deciding what type of tile is a good match for you can be a hard task. The type of tile you choose to install in your home will heavily depend on your lifestyle, needs, and goals. We’ve compiled a list of the five most popular tile flooring options and why they might work for you. 

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Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is a type of tile that is best known for its durability. It is also highly water and stain resistant, making it very easy to clean and perfect for those areas in your home that have high risk of spills, leaks or heavy foot traffic. 

Ceramic tile also has good traction, so it’s not as slippery as other types of tile when it gets wet. This type of  tile is a versatile flooring choice and offers a wide variety of color, style, patterns and textures as well as different shapes and sizes. It’s best for kitchens, bathrooms, foyers and other high-traffic areas. 

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile is a denser type of ceramic tile making it highly scratch and stain resistant. Porcelains’ hard surface forces dust, dirt and liquids to sit on top of it, which makes it very easy to clean and maintain. 

Because of its durability, porcelain tile has the potential to last for decades if installed and maintained properly. It is best for entryways, kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. 

Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tile is a cost-effective flooring option. It is highly resistant to water and wear and tear due to its durability.  Vinyl acts as a layer of insulation and reduces noise, which is a perk that can come in handy if you have children or pets. 

There are a lot of options regarding color, style and patterns, which makes vinyl a diverse flooring choice. This type of tile is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. 

Travertine Tile

Travertine tile is known for its unique and aesthetic natural tones. It has a naturally non-slippery texture and is eco-friendly because it doesn’t require special manufacturing processes. It is very porous, but stains and etching can be avoided by adding a sealer to its surface. 

Travertine tile wears nicely and has the potential to last for decades if it is maintained properly. It works best for almost any area of your home and is a great option for indoor/outdoor areas like patios and entryways.

Marble Tile

Marble tile is the highest price point, however, one of the biggest advantages of choosing marble flooring is its elegance and variety. It’s also eco-friendly because it doesn’t require any kind of chemical processing that can be harmful to the environment. 

This type of tile, like most natural stone tiles, needs to be cleaned and sealed regularly. It is easily polished and is one of the most beautiful types of tile if maintained properly. Marble tile is best for bathrooms and kitchens. 

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