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There is a wide variety of flooring options to choose from when looking to install new flooring. But what kind is right for your home? And to get more specific, where do certain types of flooring work best? Keep reading to find out!

Wood Flooring:

Wood flooring is easy to maintain, easy to clean and very durable. Through food spills, dinner parties, furniture feet and movie nights – hardwood flooring will be able to withstand the traffic however it can occasionally get scratched or dented. Luckily, choosing a scratch resistant finish will help mitigate potential damage. There are no grout lines, fibers or embossing that can catch dust particles, allergens, and other debris. Therefore, the air quality inside your home is better.

Wood flooring differs from laminate due to the processing. Laminate flooring is made of pressed wood, whereas wood flooring has a natural finish and is naturally created. Although it may be more expensive than other options, it is a great long term option if maintained properly. Wood flooring increases the resale value of your home and is cost-effective. It is great for rooms that are high traffic areas such as living rooms, dining rooms, and family areas.

Laminate Flooring:

Laminate flooring is made from pressed wood, which means that it is durable and more resistant to scratches and moisture. It is generally protected by a tough layer of resin coating, which offers further protection from regular wear and tear. This type of flooring is typically stain resistant and there are no special cleaners needed to keep it spotless. It is also allergy friendly because there are no places for dust and allergens to get trapped.

We use aqua-guard technology which protects laminate flooring in areas where there can be prolonged water exposure such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. It is great for the rooms that are high traffic especially in areas where pets and children will be because of its durability.

Tile Flooring:

Tile flooring is extremely durable when it comes to daily wear and tear, stains and water exposure. This material is also very cost-effective, low maintenance and lasts a long time. The grout lines in tile require maintenance as they can trap dust and allergens, however, this can be avoided by applying a grout sealer. Tile flooring can also serve as a layer of insulation which is a win-win for you, the comfort of your home and your wallet!

Tile is temperature and chemical resistant and easily withstands extreme weather conditions. This type of flooring is also eco-friendly because it doesn’t use resources from the environment to be created. Tile flooring also offers a wide range of colors, sizes, shapes, textures, and designs which makes it easier to find a style that fits your preferences. Bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, foyers/entryways are all great areas to put tile down as it won’t get damaged by spills, leaks and other common household occurrences.

Vinyl Flooring:

Vinyl flooring withstands heavy foot traffic and is a versatile flooring choice. It is also highly water resistant and very affordable. Vinyl flooring is best as an indoor only option as it can fade with prolonged direct sunlight exposure. It can be punctured by sharp objects, but these issues are easily avoidable. The options that this type of flooring offers are endless regarding color and style. Vinyl flooring is very low maintenance and does not require specific cleaning materials or chemicals.

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