Key questions to ask when hiring a contractor

Hiring a new contractor is an important, if not, the most important part of a home improvement project. The right contractor will have the knowledge, skills and credentials that will enable them to get the job done correctly. Asking these key questions will help you confidently choose a contractor who is a good fit for your next home improvement project.

It is important to ask how long they’ve been in the industry

You should know that the person or company that you’re hiring has an in-depth understanding of the contracting business. However, time in business doesn’t necessarily equate to technical skills and knowledge. Some may have years of experience and be a new business owner or some may have been in the business for years but have very little hands-on experience! Regardless, experience and knowledge are essential in any contracting project.

Establish a timeline for completion

This is important so that you and your contractors are on the same page to properly plan and make arrangements for furniture, hotel stays, pet sitters and things of that nature. It’s key to communicate clearly on what kind of deadlines need to be met and when the project needs to be completed.

Make sure they are licensed and insured

Cities and counties have different licensing requirements for contractors. Having proof of a license for certain aspects of a project ensures that the contractor is qualified and able to correctly complete the job. You do not want to hire an ill-qualified contractor or specialty contractor. Homeowners can be held liable for any injuries or wrongdoing on the job if contractors are not insured. It’s important to make sure that they have the proper insurance to avoid a potential negligence lawsuit.

Find out when they will be able to start the project

The start date depends on your schedule and the availability of the contractor. It is important to communicate clearly and openly so that you can easily reach an understanding of each other’s schedules, expectations, and availability. If the contractor you’re looking to hire has a busy, booked schedule it’s a good indicator that they are sought after and in high demand – which usually reflects good quality work.

Be sure to ask what kind of warranty they offer on their work

Every contractor has different warranty policies. Their warranty policy is a good way to see how they stand behind their work. It’s good to be sure that if problems arise, they will guarantee and honor their work. We have a one-year workmanship guarantee on everything that we do, but even then we will go out of our way to help resolve any problem a previous customer may have.

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